Sewing is Fun: Sewing in a straight line

Today will be a great day to sew in straight line.  No wine on the side, with my packet of aim next to me.

It really isn’t that difficult to sew in straight line.  All it takes is a little bit of practice.

Find a number of scrap pieces of material with lines and blocks.  You will get even better practice if the different samples are from a variety of different types of material, like:  woven, thick, thin, stretchy or very stretchy.  Use the pieces in a single layer as well as in a double layer.

Practice, practice, even if that is all you do for a whole morning:

  • Us the straight stitches as well as the zig zag stitches.
  • Alter between different lengths of stitches.
  • Practice to sew in a straight line along the stripes.
  • Alternate to the left and to the right of the stripe.
  • Turn the material and move from one stripe to the next.
  • Practice on a broad stripe and keep the stitching to the center of the stripe

If you can’t find material with stripes and lines, you can always draw a few straight lines with a ruler and stitch on those!

See a few examples.



If your sewing machine has a speed selector, use it. Set it at the slowest speed and slowly push it up as you gain control over your material and manage to stitch in a straight line, until you can run like a hare and leave the tortoise behind.

Practice! The more control you have over the material, the more you will love to sew.

Till next lesson,

Love ya,


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